College Graduate

I’m so glad that the nonprofit sector is pushing forward in professionalization.  There are valuable opportunities to learn strategies and techniques for improving our work in nonprofit organizations.

Attending workshops, seminars, conferences, webinars, panels, and taskforce meetings?!? Great!

Reading academic journals, professional publications, blogs, and industry news?!?  Awesome!

Adhering to experts’ recommendations, best-practices, and research findings?!? Good!

Earning a license, certificate, title, and degree?!? Wonderful!


Has the increasing professionalization of the nonprofit sector led to:

  • Improvements in Effectiveness?
  • Increases in Efficiency?
  • Progress in Social Change?

I don’t know.

I can speak for me:  I have benefited tremendously from professional development opportunities and resources, and I know that I am a more effective nonprofit professional.  I don’t know about the sector – as a whole.

Is the nonprofit sector better because of our increased professionalization?  Please leave a comment with your perspective!

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