During the Memorial Day weekend, I was not worried about who won the Indy 500 (even though it is the hundredth showing!).


I was focused on my clients, my customers, and my communities.

  • Those that I serve.
  • Those that I love.
  • That that I help.

So I spent significant time during the holiday weekend working.  But it didn’t feel like work.  It felt like being and doing with purpose.  It felt like showing up and showing up.  It felt like dreaming and believing, then organizing and accomplishing.

I organized all of my clients and current projects with an awesome project management tool called Teamwork.com That was how I used the bulk of my business time!  So I want to tell you why I love Teamwork.com so much – just in case you are looking for a way to organize your life!

  • Teamwork.com synchs with all things google.  (And I’m a total google girl:  from gmail to youtube, calendar, drive, analytics, and so many more amazing google apps.)
  • Teamwork.com offers different plans that fit your needs and your budget (including a “free forever” two-project-plan).
  • Teamwork.com allows you to create template task sequences (if you are like me and are often doing the same basic process over and over again with different situations, relationships, or projects).
  • Teamwork.com includes top-notch features so you don’t have to have your life stored in 14 different places.  (Some features include:  billing, time tracking, email notifications, assigning tasks to different people, uploading relevant files/links/resources, etc.
  • Teamwork.com is, of course, online or “in the cloud” (so you can access it all the time from wherever).

Ultimately I decided I was ready to transition my “to do” list to a project management tool.


Because I was finding myself worrying about what to work on next and wondering if I was forgetting something important.

With Teamwork.com, I am now experiencing more freedom to focus on what I’m currently working on; no doubts in the back of my mind that I should be working on something else.

If you are like me and are ready to live your life, run your business, organize your thoughts, and prioritize your “to do” list….then check out Teamwork.com.  I am so glad that I did!


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