I have had a LOVELY day. Let me tell you why….


First, I ordered and organized my physical space. I love a tidy space to work!


Next, I ordered and organized my time. I love a schedule for the day!


Later, I was surprised by a phone call from my twin sister. That was awesome. I love spending time catching up with her.


Then I jumped into my business priorities. I met with a prospective client. And I got new headshots. (Can’t wait to show y’all!)


Throughout the day, I took care of my body. Coffee to start, lots of water, and a healthy lunch.


I also gave myself time to think, plan, and write. My mind felt open to content creation and to developing strategy. Now that I LOVE.


I took an afternoon break and got a massage. But this was no ordinary massage. It was a foot massage. And not my feet. Her feet. She massaged my body with her feet. You may be thinking “gross!” And you are correct – somebody’s feet were all over my body. But I will tell you this, that massage was firm and deep and relaxing – and the best massage I’ve ever had!


My mind was clear, so I was able to write another dozen blog posts. I love the process, and I love the sense of accomplishment.


Later in the day, I did a lot of walking, enjoyed the city, and a little shopping. Best part? I supported two business owners. And let me be clear: I financially supported two women business owners – one white and one black. And I just love doing business with fellow female business owners!


My day was not complete though. I got to hang out with a friend. And I got to talk with my husband. Now that is a LOVELY DAY.


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