I have lived it. And I know it for myself.
Like many speaker, I first started speaking at my alma mater and at local churches.
You know: panel discussions and casual events.
Sometimes I received honorariums, sometimes I did not.
Sometimes they paid for my gas to get there, sometimes they did not.
Sound familiar?

But everything changed for me in 2011.
I landed my first PAID speaking gig at a national conference.
(As you can imagine, I thought I was HOT stuff.)
Until I accidentally said “sex” from the stage.
(Mind you, my presentation had nothing to do with sex!)
In that moment, I managed to save the day with quick wit and told a one-liner joke.
And the audience fell in love with me.
And I fell in love with professional speaking!
Why? Because I had made a big mistake, and I had lived to tell the story.
(Plus, I still got paid! )

From there, I was hooked on professional speaking.
And I began seeking out opportunities to share my stories with others.
And the more comfortable and confident I got, the more I shared.
And the more I shared, the more I got booked.

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