I love following other bloggers and have recently subscribed to Wild Woman Fundraising, by Mazarine Treyz.  I recommend you check out her blog site; there are great resources for people both fairly new to fundraising, as well as fundraisers with years of experience.  I especially like the Fundraising Calculator that offers comparative information on different fundraising vehicles.

In her recent post, Where do you see yourself in five years?, Mazarine tackles that common interview question.

During my recent employment search, I have been asked this question many times.  So, I decided to share my answer with you.  I encourage you to consider your answer (whether you are currently interviewing or not).

I am a “go-getter.”  In five years, I will be continuing to seek out new opportunities…

  • To effectively contribute to my current employer – by suggesting innovative ideas, implementing interesting programs, and reaching greater goals.
  • For professional growth – by networking, attending workshops/conferences, and engaging in reflective tasks (like blogging).
  • To advance the Indianapolis community – by volunteering as an executive leader, completing direct service volunteer hours, and serving at my church.

I am committed.  In five years, I will be continuing my commitments:

  • To working.  During the next few years, I will be the primary “breadwinner” for my family as my husband returns to graduate school.
  • To our local community.  I love the city of Indianapolis and am not considering moving.
  • To the fundraising profession.  I have found my niche and will continue to grow as a fundraiser, connecting people to people and people to resources.

Now, Where do you see yourself in five years? I encourage you to consider this question and answer it honestly – speaking to your character and your commitment to your field.

Please leave a comment with your answer!  Where do you see yourself in five years?

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