Frustrated?  Does it seem like entry level positions are no longer ENTRY?!?

Feeling stuck?  The job listing requires five years of experience, but all you’ve completed are a couple of internships?!?

How are you supposed to gain experience when no one will hire you?

CONSIDER THIS: Create opportunities to build your experience while you are seeking employment.

  1. Develop a portfolio of potential projects that you can help an organization with.  Identify tasks with a clear start and finish.  Articulate project outcomes and define what success looks like.
  2. Offer your services pro-bono to local nonprofits, in exchange for a formal review letter.  Leverage your network and ask contacts for ideas and connections.
  3. Strategically expand your experience, skills, and network by serving as a pro-bono consultant!  Why settle for typical volunteer tasks when you have greater contributions to offer the nonprofit sector?

Project examples include:

  • Write a direct mail piece
  • Create a program evaluation plan
  • Document a departmental process
  • Research funder prospects
  • Develop a social media strategy
  • Revise and update program policies and client forms
  • Draft board orientation materials

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