My blog has come a LONG way since I first started posting in 2009.  I’ve grown as a nonprofit professional and as a blogger!  I’ve learned so much about how to successfully manage my online presence through blogging.

…But, oh! If I would have known then what I know now! Here are 5 lessons that have made a big difference in my blogging success:

  1. Don’t stop at keywords!  Use multi-word phrases for search engine optimization (More from ProBlogger).
  2. Don’t be selfish!  Connect with other bloggers through comments, guest posts, and linking (More from the Personal Branding Blog).
  3. Don’t over think it!  List posts aren’t boring but brilliant (More from Rosetta Thurman).
  4. Don’t be boring!  Mix it up with images and video (More from 12 Stars Media).
  5. Don’t get stuck!  Discover inspiration all around you (More from my blog).

In addition to these specific tips, one final thought for you:  There is no formula for blogging success!  Each blog is different; your content area and your audience has specific needs and preferences.  So, experiment with different strategies and find what works for your blog!

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