With more people and more organizations creating more content online, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make your blog stand-out among the competition.

To discover creative ideas, I pay attention to what other bloggers are doing, and I learn from their successes.  Here’s what I’ve noticed…

3 sure-fire ways to drive traffic to your blog:

1. Stir up some controversy. Blogger Akhila Kolisetty doesn’t shy away from taking a stand.  Her post, “Millennials: Stop Overemphasizing Your Youth,” prompted feedback on her blog, others’ blogs, and social networks.

2. Challenge action. Blogger Rosetta Thurman knows how to give readers plenty to do.  Her series, “21 Days To a Better Business Blog,” encouraged bloggers to improve their sites, interact with other bloggers, and share results as comments on her site.

3. Host a giveaway. Blogger Ron Edmondson loves giving resources to his readers.  His contest, “Free Friday Book Giveaway: The Missional Mom,” asked readers to share the post on Twitter and answer a question as a comment on his site.

What’s the common thread between these 3 methods and stellar examples from top bloggers?  Engagement!  If you want more traffic on your blog, create opportunities for your readers to get involved!

How else can bloggers drive traffic to their sites?  Leave a comment with your recommendation!

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