Looking for a job?  Want to be viewed as a trusted colleague?  Need a promotion or a raise?  Wondering how to develop your network?

Personal branding is the answer to your next career challenge! Now is the time to start intentionally building your personal brand.

Here are 5 basics to get you started:

  1. Clean up your online image! Remove anything about you online that you wouldn’t want plastered up on a billboard.
  2. Develop a complete LinkedIn profile! Don’t forget to customize your url, include a picture, and add recommendations.
  3. Make plans to network regularly! Set a specific goal to attend events and follow-up with new contacts.
  4. Create your own business card! What – did you think that scribbling your email address down on a post-it was a good idea?
  5. Track information on everyone you know! Remind yourself of how you met and what you know about the person.

Enjoy these 10 bonus ideas:

  1. Request informational interviews from colleagues in your field.
  2. Interact on Twitter with individuals with common interests.
  3. Cultivate mentoring relationships with professionals that you look up to.
  4. Express your professional perspective with videos on YouTube.
  5. Share resources and ideas through a blog.
  6. Take advantage of invitations to participate in panels and presentations.
  7. Collaborate on side projects with contacts.
  8. Seek out opportunities for nonprofit board leadership.
  9. Participate in LinkedIn groups.
  10. BREATHE – Take time and space to be you!

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